December 2013 | Everything New about Nexus
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Product Updates
We’ve assembled our 2013 Nexus highlights reel with helpful resources and notable accomplishments. Hopefully a few nuggets made the list you haven’t already seen. Enjoy!
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Nexus has Matured through 5 Product Releases
We started in January with 2.3 followed by 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7 rounding out the year. All releases balance performance improvements and bug fixes with a number of notable new features.
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Taking Nexus to the Next Level
With the release of Nexus Pro CLM Edition, you can now define rich policies to improve your release process with the Nexus staging suite integration. Never release an application with license or security issues or other policy violations again.
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Customers Weigh in on Nexus
See how your peers use Nexus in the latest customer survey. Find out how other organizations are using Nexus, what features they find most useful and what tools and technologies are used most with Nexus.
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Nexus Working with Puppet and Chef
Find out how Hubspot uses Puppet and Riot Games uses Chef to provision Nexus and mange components with Nexus in their devops pipeline. You can also try both open source implementations available on puppet forge and Opscode.
Hear more on Puppet and Chef »
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Nexus Open Source Projects
Nexus can be expanded by writing plugins that provide customization and further functionality. We’ve documented a collection of Nexus open source projects that showcase different usage models. Learn how others are integrating Nexus with other development tools.
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Nexus Live, The Online Community Event
This is your chance every month to collaborate with the Nexus community and get your questions answered live by experts. A great opportunity for you to share your story on how you’re using Nexus.
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Nexus Training Makes Nexus Experts
Get hands on instruction and be advised on best practices that help you get the most from your Nexus repository. Special shout-out to Kyle Allan, who attended one of our trainings and was then featured on Nexus Live sharing his Nexus integration module. That could be you.
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Build on Nexus Samples
Looking to demonstrate the value for going Pro quickly? Start from the example projects we’ve bundled in the trial experience. Don’t start from scratch, build on the Ant/Ivy, Maven and Gradle example projects with detailed instructions to follow in the Nexus trial guide.
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Nexus Support Site Assets
There are a few easy ways you can get access to helpful Nexus resources. Visit the support site to read our detailed knowledge base, visit the new Nexus hipchat channel to talk one on one with experts and submit your questions and requests through the support portal.
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Go-to Guide for Nexus Repository Management
Find the most up-to-date content detailed in the free book Repository Management with Nexus. Your go-to resource for fresh and helpful guides on how to make the most of your Nexus repository manager.
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Happy holidays from the Nexus team!