Security conscious development managers must fight a constant battle. Do they assign scarce development resources to deliver revenue-generating features or resolve vulnerabilities that may get exploited? Newsflash! Securing applications does not have to come at the cost of innovation. You can have both!

Listen to Jeremiah Grossman, Founder and Chief Technical Officer at WhiteHat Security, and Ryan Berg, Chief Security Officer at Sonatype reveal key findings from two industry reports, WhiteHat Security Statistics Report and Sonatype's Open Source Software Development Survey.

During this broadcast, these internationally recognized security experts will touch on topics ranging from:

  • The true cost implications of finding vulnerabilities late in the development cycle
  • How to make identifying and remediating flaws as simple as spell check
  • What's holding organizations back from shifting their security practices to include technologies that embed security at the core of software development practices

Complimentary Copies: Registrants will receive copies of both surveys.

This is the first in a series of live broadcasts sponsored by the Trusted Software Alliance, exploring the problems inherent in the creation of secure software in the age of shortened development cycles and the pressure of continuous delivery.

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