Date: May 1st at 12:00PM EDT / 9:00AM PDT

We're excited to bring two industry veterans back together again for an insightful and interactive discussion on the state of application security today. Join Wendy Nather, Security Research Director at 451 Research and Josh Corman, CTO at Sonatype as they share their perspectives on the changing landscape of application development and how this is impacting common application security approaches.

With the mounting pressures to build high quality software in short order, we've seen a dramatic shift from source code to component-based development. With 90% of a typical application now assembled using open source components, its time to ensure our current application security tools help prevent and protect against an open source security gap.

Join this online discussion to learn how you can:

  • Balance spend and risk in application security, by focusing on the neglected 90%
  • Avoid future 'Heartbleed' vulnerabilities with better component visibility
  • Make a big impact with little effort by not using components with known vulnerabilities
  • Avoid elective risk and rework by automating policies earlier in the software development lifecycle

New vulnerabilities are being identified everyday giving hackers new entry points and multiplying our risk. The good news is addressing component security is the easiest and least expensive of all application security methods. Start today by avoiding this unnecessary risk with a more holistic and effective application security strategy.


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Featured Speakers:

Wendy Nather, Research Director, Security
451 Research

Wendy Nather is Research Director, Security, within 451 Research's Enterprise Security Program, providing analysis on the current state of security from the perspective of a veteran CISO. Wendy's primary areas of coverage are application security, identity and access management, threat intelligence, and security services. Wendy joined 451 Research after five years building and managing all aspects of the IT security program at the Texas Education Agency, which serves 4.6 million Texas students. In that position, she directed multimillion-dollar initiatives for a statewide external user base of over 50,000. She also provided security guidance for the datacenter consolidation of 27 Texas state agencies. Wendy is based in Austin, Texas. You can follow her on Twitter at @451Wendy.

Joshua Corman, CTO

Josh Corman is CTO at Sonatype, where he researches new technologies and software development trends to help evolve Sonatype’s product strategy. Additionally, Josh is working with the broader IT community as well as policy and standards bodies to improve software development security standards and best practices. Prior to Sonatype, Josh served as a security researcher and executive at Akamai Technologies, The 451 Group, and IBM Internet Security Systems, among other firms. A well-regarded innovator, he co-founded Rugged Software and IamTheCavalry to encourage the development of new cyber security solutions in response to the world’s increasing reliance on digital infrastructure. Josh is active on social media and can be found on Twitter at @joshcorman.