With 12 major requirement categories and more than 250 individual requirements, PCI compliance has always been a challenge. Now that PCI and the OWASP Top 10 have been updated to address the use of vulnerable components in applications, companies seeking to secure or maintain PCI compliance have a new challenge to deal with.

Join Monika Liikamaa, Director of Crosskey Card Solutions, as she discusses this critical application security gap and shares best practices you should consider when preparing your PCI compliance efforts, including:

  • How to ensure FULL compliance - "There is no such thing as 98% compliant."
  • How to develop an accurate and timely inventory of components in use - Knowing what you have is key to eliminating risk.
  • How to achieve fast compliance that supports fast release cycles - Crosskey cut their release cycle to 6 weeks to better serve their customers.

Sonatype experts will be on the call to discuss how the Sonatype solution addresses specific PCI requirements, including the related OWASP Top 10.

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